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GPS is not secure or resilient enough

GPS is currently a single point of failure for networks and power grids. Due to its weak radio frequency signal, GPS is highly vulnerable to jamming and spoofing, with hundreds of thousands of local outages reported each year. If GPS failed for a sustained period, it's estimated that it would create economic losses per day of $ 1 billion in the US and the UK.

Enter Xairos

Quantum Time Synchronization for Secure Communications

We are a space and technology company that is revolutionizing Position, Navigation, and Timing. Xairos has raised over $1.3 million which has been used to successfully build a proof-of-concept (POC) demonstrating our patented technology. This will enable a new generation of technologies that require orders of magnitude better accuracy and security than GPS can deliver. Xairos is building high precision, high security, time distribution, on a global scale.

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