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Weekly Takeaways-December 23,2022

Theme of the Week

The North Pole needs Quantum Scientists Santa has a problem. To efficiently deliver presents to 200 million homes in one day requires some serious planning! This is the traveling salesman problem. Let’s say the naughty-to-nice threshold is really high, so only four children get presents. Even with only four stops there are still 28 different routes Santa can take. Calculating an optimal path gets exponentially harder as more stops are added. This is beyond the capability of today’s computers, but fortunately for Santa (and other delivery companies) this might one day be solved by future quantum computers. Santa also needs a very precise clock - after all, a few microsecond error leads to missed targets when traveling at 1560 km per second. Good luck Santa! Last Week's Theme: Did You Know?

Industry News


The More You Know...

In addition to the solving problems like the efficient delivery of gifts, Inside Quantum Technology has explored other interesting quantum technology use cases for:

But as we assess the future that quantum technology could unlock, it is worth thinking about “what is meaningful for society in the long term.”


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