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Weekly Takeaways-February 22, 2022

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Theme of the Week

Time is Money Despite its name, timing from GPS represents the majority of its $1.4T in economic benefit. It has been estimated that a sustained GPS outage would knock out banking, communications and power, impact 13 of the 16 critical infrastructure, and cost the US economy $1B per day. Even beyond that, better timing provides direct benefits for:

But timing from GPS has stagnated and will not improve. Something better is needed. Last Week's Theme: Ditch the Dial-Up

Industry News

The More You Know...

With Russia’s recent activities in the Ukraine there is speculation that they will rely on LORAN for navigation instead of GPS or their own GLONASS, a terrestrial navigation system dating back to World War II. Even though it is a relic compared to these space-based systems, it has been “maintained to protect their homeland with navigation and timing services when signals from space are not available.” Especially since Russia has shown how easy it is to jam and spoof GPS.


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