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Weekly Takeaways-September 15, 2022

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Theme of the Week

Freedom to Grow Not long ago, space was inextricably tied to governments. In this era, old space companies stayed in their narrow government-sponsored lanes. But new space has been freed from these shackles and are blazing their own trails, including:

While these tie-ups may seem obvious, they never would have happened in the old space era. GPS remains the lone holdout; a Cold War relic that is now too pervasive to change. Its timing signal remains indispensable for networks, but stops at the rooftop. A true Global Timing Service will need space+terrestrial for universal time distribution. A new commercial solution is needed. Last Week's Theme: GTS vs GPS


Industry News


The More You Know...

Our Timing Advisor Nino De Falcis asks: "Can smart grids be protected from PNT cyberattacks? While it may seem counterintuitive, modern power grids require timing for:

  • "charging points require precise timestamping of the massive amount of data they generate to balance power demand and supply.”

  • “rerouting power flows away from transmission outages, to locating power line faults, and for synchronizing distributed control and protection systems. Without highly accurate timing and synchronization, power grids are vulnerable to partial outages and even complete blackouts.”

Because of this, the standards for timing accuracy is getting more stringent: “The syncrophaser now demands accuracy better than 1 microsecond. For fault location, we’re now at 100 nanoseconds… This is a big change from just five years ago when accuracy in all these categories was firmly in the millisecond range, and it’s a high bar that needs to be maintained by next-generation redundant systems, should GPS or ground-based timing become compromised.” But the bigger challenge is meeting new Department of Homeland Security resiliency requirements. At the highest level “This means they must function for long periods in the absence of a GPS timing source, or when ground-based timing sources have been otherwise compromised.”


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