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Weekly Takeaways-November 8, 2021

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Why is timing so critical for modern networks? At a simple level, it is necessary to route data - analogous to how timed traffic lights move traffic more efficiently. In the old days, all "traffic" flowed in one direction - from the broadcaster to the user. But data, like traffic, now needs to flow between multiple points through multiple intersections. Perfect synchronization means green lights with no delays, increasing the number of cars (bandwidth), reducing the length of the drive (latency), and eliminating jams (interference). But unlike your local road network, there is more incentive for data networks to improve. he push to 5G and beyond is creating complex new protocols that need better timing synchronization, such as Time Division Duplex (TDD), Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM), Multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO), and beamforming.

These advancements allow telcos to squeeze more bandwidth and users out of existing infrastructure - but it also requires better synchronization. The data must flow.

International collaboration is critical to building a global business. To that end the US State Department released a Joint Statement with the UK on the "Cooperation in Quantum Information Sciences and Technologies" to "establish a bilateral government-to-government dialogue on the areas identified in this vision and foster a QIST R&D ecosystem."

According to a recent IEEE article, the FAA Fumbled Its Response To a Surge in GPS Jamming during military tests in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. This created havoc at local airports and led to a "private jet made a wrong turn into restricted airspace over the White Sands Missile Range."

Seems like our options for internet surfing continue to grow, as Boeing joins Starlink, Kuiper, Telesat, OneWeb, and O3b.

Want to impress your friends with your quantum expertise?

Then check out Quantumapalooza! Developed by the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, their website provides a list of free online quantum learning resources and upcoming events.


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