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Meet Our Advisory Board

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Image of Mr.Nino de Falcis Xairos Advisory Board Member.

Nino De Falcis

Nino De Falcis is an expert in the time, frequency and synchronization industry with over 25 years of experience working for several industry-related companies. He specializes in secure, resilient PNT for critical infrastructure, enterprise and data center/could sync, time SaaS, GPS/GNSS time server, NTP/PTP client/server sync, 5G/IoT sync, optical network sync, SMPTE sync, cybersecurity, AI/ML sync, and DLT timestamping. Nino holds a BSE in EE and software and an MBA.

Image of Mr. Adam Sturmer.Xairos Advisory Board Member.

Adam Sturmer

Adam Sturmer is a space risk management and satellite insurance expert. Adam has a Master of Engineering qualification and works in a globally leading space insurance broking company based in London. Adam initially started in 2004 as a technical risk analyst and broker. Having lived in Singapore for over 6 years and New York for 3 years, Adam has now worked with the majority of the global satellite operators, manufacturers, and launch service providers. Today, Adam is based back in London and is the Global Head of Sales for the Space broking division. He also works with many space start-ups to help them obtain their business objectives by managing program risk throughout the satellite's lifecycle. 

Image of Mr. Christopher Green, Xairos Advisory Board Member.

Christopher Green

Chris Green is a project and structured finance expert with over 25 years of banking and advisory experience.  Chris has been based in Hong Kong since 2001, originally with Citibank and then migrating to HSBC in 2005.  In 2014, Chris took on an Asia Head role with Portland Advisors and subsequently moved over to Xairos in 2021.  During his tenure in Asia, Chris has led a number of large, complex advisory and arranging transactions in the space sector, typically working with early-stage companies and greenfield projects.  Over the course of his career, Chris has completed over $25 billion in arranging and advisory transactions in the infrastructure space.  Chris is now in the process of migrating back to the United States with Xairos.  He holds a MALD in International Business from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.


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