On January 26, 2016, networks around the world started to fail. Emergency radio and BBC digital radio went down, and even power grids started failing.

The cause: a 13-microsecond error in the timing on one of the GPS satellites.

Despite its name, GPS is not about maps; it’s about time. Over half of the $1.4T in economic benefits comes from its role as the world’s timekeeper. But GPS is not nearly accurate or secure enough for modern networks.

Enter Xairos

Quantum Time Synchronization for Secure Communications

Our timing system is orders of magnitude more accurate and infinitely more secure than timing from GPS. This allows you to know your position to the width of a human hair, and networks to move more data faster. 

  • This system's backbone is technology invented and wholly owned by the Xairos team and demonstrated using simple off-the-shelf hardware.

  • We will roll out a terrestrial pilot project next year ahead of launching our first satellite for regional service, adding additional satellites as the market grows.

  • This allows us to scale up to a small constellation of satellites and $100M in revenue in five years.

  • Our team has decades of experience in commercializing this critical technology.

  • We already have half a million in revenue from the Air Force, NASA, and Navy, with other government projects in the works.

  • And through Techstars we have identified commercial beachheads for our pilot project.

Xairos is high precision high security time distribution on a global scale.