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Weekly Takeaways-June8,2022

Theme of the Week

Four Core Beliefs The problem we are solving is informed by these central tenets:

  1. GPS is about Time. Despite its name, GPS is not about maps; it’s about time. The majority of its $1T+ of economic benefits is as a clock for the world.

  2. GPS is NOT good enough. GPS is trivially easy to jam with accuracy topping out at 30 nanoseconds. 5G and 6G communications, data centers, quantum networks, and self-driving vehicles need better.

  3. GPS is NOT free. Sure, your location app may be free (though, is it really?). But enterprise network users spend billions of dollars a year on timing units linked to GPS.

  4. GPS WILL be replaced - There is already funding allocated for a GPS replacement, with calls to incentivize a commercial replacement so the military has their own dedicated system. This is the New Space paradigm - commercial systems breaking the government lock on space. This has already started for rockets, imagery, space tourism and stations, and lunar bases - now it is time for GPS.

Last Week's Theme: Long Distance Synchronization

Industry News


The More You Know...

What is the impact of a prolonged GPS outage? A oft-cited 2019 report estimated the impact at $1B a day, or roughly 1.7% of the US GDP. But that seems very low considering the resultant loss of ATMs, financial transactions, communications, and eventually power. Even local outages can wreak havoc for travel. Flights have been grounded due to local GPS jamming in Europe, and a recent study found that the impact of intentional GPS jamming “means that aircraft need to accommodate greater safety margins, thus forcing greater separation between aircraft on adjacent routes.” The author of “Pinpoint – How GPS is Changing Technology, Culture and Our Minds” frames the impact of a GPS outage like so: “What’s the value of oxygen?”


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