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Weekly Takeaways:World Quantum Day Edition

Theme of the Week

Happy World Quantum Day! The goal of World Quantum Day is to promote "public understanding of Quantum Science and Technology around the World." Why today? Because 4/14 is a reference to the first digits of Planck’s constant (4.14 ×10−15 electronvolt seconds), a fundamental constant governing quantum physics. Kind of like 3/14 is "Pi Day" and 5/4 is "Star Wars Day" (May the Fourth be with You). From Theory to Reality A century ago the fundamentals of quantum mechanics was the subject of heated debate.

Quantum physics is hard, partly because it is difficult to observe quantum processes. So quantum experimentalists took on the challenge of proving these early theories by building specialized hardware that has since migrated out of the lab. This led to the First Quantum Revolution in the mid-20th century, which saw the introduction of lasers, transistors, and atomic clocks. We are now in the Second Quantum Revolution, enabled by hardware that can detect and manipulate single quantum objects. This has opened the door to advancements in quantum computing, sensing, and communications, that may impact the future just as profoundly as the laser and transistor. There has been a lot of progress in the last century.

Industry News

A recap on major quantum news over the last year:


Lots of quantum-focused conferences coming up soon. Here's a small sample:

The More You Know...

To learn more about quantum mechanics, we recommend these resources:

For further educational material hosted by quantum enthusiasts check out:

For news about the dynamic world of quantum companies and technology check out:


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