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Weekly Takeaways-February 1, 2022

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Theme of the Week

“I Hate GPS” “The idea that we are all hooked to a satellite…that doesn’t work in certain circumstances, does not work indoors or in valleys in Afghanistan, is ridiculous,” - former Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. This quote sums up a Army War College article “Lost on the Next Battlefield: The Need to Replace GPS” GPS has been a concern for over two decades. And more recently there have been calls for something better from the White House, Congress, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and General Accounting Office. But progress has been slow. The author asserts that “the DoD should ask Congress to stop funding GPS," and replace it with a new solution that includes “A Common Timing Protocol” and “quantum-based PNT capabilities.”

Industry News

The More You Know...

Lots of cities want to emulate the success of Silicon Valley.

Ever since Hewlett and Packard set up in a garage in 1939, the Valley has been synonymous with innovation.

But now it seems like these tech hubs are forming elsewhere as Silicon Valley waits for the next big thing.

Deep tech may provide the next breakthrough, but it is "far more difficult than building a new app or disrupting another aging industry." As Jake Taylor noted: "building a quantum computer might be the most difficult task ever undertaken."

Like the early startups that formed Silicon Valley, these deep tech companies need funding.


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