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Weekly Takeaways-June 17, 2022

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Theme of the Week

"Assume You can be Jammed" Russia’s jamming of GPS in Ukraine has been in the news a lot recently. But it appears that it has been stepped up lately. According to a Russian military analyst: “It seems early on Russia was not well prepared to employ these capabilities, but now there are numerous stories of localized jamming and disabling of drones.” Not only has this has created problems in Ukraine, but it is causing outages throughout Europe. While intentional and accidental jamming is carefully monitored in Europe, surprisingly, there has been no official civil effort to detect GPS interference and jamming in the US - until now. Recently the Department of Transportation received $7M in funding to develop “a nationwide network to monitor satellite navigation signals for signs of interference and spoofing” in response to concerns about interference and the growth of internet of thing (IOT) devices that use adjacent spectrum. Last Week's Theme: Four Core Beliefs

Industry News


The More You Know...

An article titled "China’s Quantum Leap" describes China’s advances in quantum technology. Prepared by German scientists, it also highlights China’s efforts success using a natural advantage: human capital. It started in 2008 as the rest of the world was reeling from the financial crisis. The goal of the “High-Level Talent Recruitment Program,” also known as the “Thousand Talents Plan,” was to “recruit leading international experts systematically, and at the same time exert influence overseas to encourage the top Chinese scientists educated at Western elite universities to return to their home country.” As a result, “over 70 per cent of Chinese undergraduates and researchers who had relocated overseas are now returning.” This is part of a proverbial directive, “Picking flowers in foreign lands to make honey in China,” which “encourages the acquisition of intellectual property for the purpose of strategic advantage. The expertise of the returnees helps China.”


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