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Weekly Takeaways-December 20,2021

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

A Present from China While Russia is threatening to blow up the GPS satellites, China has taken a different tack. Like Russia, they have their own anti-satellite capabilities and a GPS alternative called BeiDou. Officially commissioned last year, BeiDou consists of 30 satellites with advanced technologies including optical links to "improve their satnav accuracy." China is now offering access to BeiDou including free receivers, starting with a recently announced "win-win cooperation" with the Arab States. Experts believe this is "part of their larger Belt and Road initiative" and "an indication of China’s ascension in the world". Space Capital and Silicon Valley Bank released "The GPS Playbook", a report on how this "space-based technology generated the largest venture outcomes in history."

Previously we highlighted online quantum and timing and synchronization resources. Here are some quantum communication articles for your holiday reading list:

And if you need a stocking stuffer, here are some good introductory books about quantum physics:


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